The Helsinki Klezmer Festival takes place every three years.

The Finnish Klezmer Association will arrange the eighth Helsinki Klezmer Festival, the concerts taking place in Helsinki Synagogue on November 26-28, 2016. Musicians from Denmark, Latvia, Germany and Russia will play both traditional klezmer music and a modern repertoire. Yiddish, which is written with Hebrew letters but based on German and Hebrew, was born in the 9th century in the Rhine Valley and has been not only the vernacular of Jews in Western and Eastern Europe, but also a literary language. Yiddish has been influenced by neighboring languages such as Polish and Russian.

The artists and bands invited by the Finnish Klezmer Association will continue on to other festivals in Finland after performing at the Helsinki Klezmer Festival. The Helsinki Festival invited the citizen-of-the-world, clarinet virtuoso Giora Feidman as well as the well-known cimbalom artist Kálmán Balogh from Hungary to perform in the Huvila Festival Tent. Also Timna Brauer and his band (Germany/Israel), the Krakow Klezmer Band (Poland), the Budapest Klezmer Band (Hungary), and also David Krakauer and Klezmer Madness (USA) have been included in the Savoy Theater program. Having performed at our Festival, the Klezmer band Dobranotch from St. Petersburg has become well-known in Finland and performed at many festivals. The Klezmer Association and the Helsinki Klezmer Festival have been a pioneer in making klezmer music known in Finland and in building contacts for Klezmer musicians from the rest of the world to Finland.

Saturday     26.11.2016  at 19.00  Helsinki Synagogue, Mames Babegenush (Denmark)

Sunday  27.11.2016  at 19.00  Helsinki Synagogue, Sasha Lurje, Ilja Shneyveys and Freilach mit Kneidlach (Latvia / Germany / Finland)

Monday  28.11.2016  at 19.00  Helsinki Synagogue, Dobranotch (Russia)

You should arrive an hour before the beginning of the concert and show an ID card at the gate.

Concert tickets 29 € / members of Finnish Klezmer Association 25 € / students 22 €.

Please purchase the tickets here:


Saturday 26.11.2016 at 10.00-12.00.
Location: Aleksander Theater
Address: Bulevardi 23-27, Helsinki.
Teacher: Sasha Lurje

Course fee: 25€ / members of Finnish Klezmer Association 15€

more information:

The Klezmer musicians invited to the Festival with perform with Finnish musicians at the Klezmer jam in Bulevardin kahvisalonki café.

Saturday 26.11.2016, Sunday 27.11.2016, and Monday 28.11.2016 at 21.00.
Location: Bulevardin kahvisalonki café.
Address: Bulevardi 1.
Free entrance.